Friday, June 1, 2012

You aren't going to believe this!!!

A few months ago, I shared how lucky I am to be the Teacher of the Year for the 2011-2012 school year. It has been an amazing and memorable school year and last week I was able to attend the Lamar Classroom Teachers Association Teacher of the Year Banquet for my school district. It was a beautiful event and I was so happy to have my loving family, my amazing daughter and my dear friends there to share in that special night. I received a gorgeous etched glass apple with my name and recognition on it and an official document from our Texas State Representative declaring our dedication to the field of education. So cool!! I was so excited as I stood there receiving this great honor! I was clapping and watching the my loved ones at the table waving and clapping (my sweet baby girl was 'over the moon' with excitement). I didn't even realize what happened next.....

They announced the District Elementary Teacher of the Year. Well, I was so excited. I was clapping and looking around, just dying to see who this fabulous teacher was!! That's when the gentleman next to me, tapped me and said "Aren't you from Huggins Elementary?" I politely shook my head yes, slightly wondering why he was asking. he looked at me and said......."that's you they are calling!!" 

I have been named the District Elementary Teacher of the Year for Lamar Consolidated Independent School District!!

I am still amazed that they picked me. It is an incredible honor and I promise to represent my school and my district with great pride! 

So, what's the next step? Well, for the next week or so I will be dedicating myself to writing an essay for Region 4 that expresses my sincere love of what I am so lucky to do each and touch the lives of children through education, compassion and love.


Jill said...

Congratulations!!!! That is so wonderful! You should be so proud of your hard work for your students. :)

Marvelous Multiagers!

Ms. Morgart said...

Thank you Jill!

Holly said...

Wow - many congrats to you. What an amazing honor!!!!!

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Mrs. Parker said...


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

First Grade Blue SKies

EveryNewBeginning said...

Congrats!!!! What a great honor for you & your building :)

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Courtney Bartlett said...


Swimming into Second

absees123s said...

Congratulations!! What an amazing tribute to your hard work! I, too, was selected for my school and then won the PreK-4th Elementary Teacher of the Year for Knox County...I know exactly how you feel and what you mean! Enjoy each and every moment, as you deserve it!!

Tania said...

That's amazing news! Congratulations :)
I LOVE your curly are super cute. Nice top :)
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Lisa R. said...

Congratulations!! That amazing news!!

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Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

Congratulations!!! Wonderful news! Ya look so puuuurty:)

Melissa said...

Wow! That's a huge accomplishment. Way to go!

Tanya said...

Many congratulations to you! That is amazing, and I think you deserve it!
☺ Tanya
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Valerie said...

Wow! That's amazing! Congrats :)

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Brenda said...

That's terrific! Congratulations!

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Storie said...

I'm your newest follower. Congratulations on such an amazing award!
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meadowt said...

Congratulations that is a huge honor!! I am your newest follower.

Reagan Tunstall said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful way to end a school year! I am sure you are floating around with a giant well deserved smile on your face!

Jessica Stanford said...


Jessica Stanford
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Kristen said...

Oh my gosh Lynda, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is awesome!!!

Fern Smith said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
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Miss Trayers said...

What a great accomplishment! Congratulations!


Anna Brantley said...

How awesome:) You deserve it!!! CONGRATS!!!!

Shana said...

Congratulations! Way to start the summer.

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Mrs. Saoud said...

You are an inspiration. Congrats!!


April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Hi! I just found your blog. I am your newest follower. I would love to have you visit my blog.


Amanda said...

Congratulations!! What an honor...deserving, I'm sure! I'm your newest follower and brand new blogger! Come check out my blog!

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Erica Bohrer said...

Congratulations Lynda!!!!

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