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QR Codes in the Classroom

Happy Fourth of July!! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful day with family and friends! 

We will be grilling burgers today and enjoying ourselves at home this year. 
One of my favorite things to do on the Fourth is watch the fireworks display from New York City. Yes...

I am still in a New York State of mind!!

There is something about that city. 
Another thing that I love about the Fourth of July are SPARKLERS! 
My sister bought the biggest sparklers I think that I have seen! I swear they must be about 3 feet long! Can't wait!!

Until then, I thought I would take some time to share what I learned at a fabulous workshop that was hosted by facilitators in my district. It was on technology and how to incorporate it into a Gifted and Talented classroom. 

I find myself to be tech savy and was very lucky to be able to attend a week long technology training given by our district a few years ago. But as you all know,technology is always evolving and I was so EXCITED to be able to walk away with some great new tools to use with my kiddos (these are great strategies for all learners, including ELL as well).

One of the strategies that I was most excited about was QR Codes! I have been wanting to use these in my classroom ever since I saw it on Pinterest (ah, my! 

I can't believe how easy it is! 
Here is what I did to make QR Codes for my classroom and blog:

1. Go to website like or
or you can find another site by searching QR Code generators.

2. There are a multitude of ways make your QR Code unique. You can make a QR for contact info, share documents and even videos! The possibilities are endless!

3. Once you have generated the code, you can safe it as a jpeg or png file. This will make it super easy to add them to whatever your heart desires.

Seriously, its that easy...who knew!?!

Now, you will need to have a QR Scanner installed on the devices that you plan to use to read the code. Here are a few that you mat want to use and encourage your student's parents to have as well:

For iPod, iPads and iPhones:
QR Reader for iphone 
QR Code Reader and Scanner

For Android Phones:
QR Droid 
QR Barcode Scanner

I am planning on incorporating these QUITE A BIT this year....and I think the kiddos are going to L.O.V.E it! 

Here are a few ideas of how I plan to use QR Codes in the classroom:

1. On my stations posters to give directions and 
remind students of what to do in the station

2. Early finisher activities. 
Students can scan the code and find word puzzles, games and more.

3. Scavenger hunts. 
The students will travel around the school using the codes to receive  "clues" that will make practicing key skills interactive and fun.

4. Classroom Communication
I am making some QR Codes for my contact info that, when scanned, will become a vcard that will automatically add my contact information into their phone contacts (woohoo!)

I am also adding a Qr Code to my email signature that will lead them back to my school/classroom blog.

Another fun idea that I think will be very effective is adding QR Codes for special events that when scanned will added it to the parents' calendars in just one scan!

Can you tell that I am SO SUPER EXCITED?!?!?!

So tell me, how are you planning to use this in your classroom??

Want to find out more?
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Amy Grout said...

Hi Lynda...I just hopped over from 005 Watkins Way using the scanner code....what fun! I am also excited because yours is the second "tech" savvy blog I've found. I am definitely your newest follower and look forward to learning lots from you this year.
Happy Blogging!

rinniez said...

What a great idea! I'm totally going to use that next year when I start teaching :)

Jackie said...

I just found your blog today also! I started using QR codes this year, but have used what others have done. I am not real sure how to set this all up. Would love to see some of your ideas. I teach 1st grade and I am not real tech savvy, so not sure I could set up something like this. Will be looking forward to some of your ideas. Thanks, Jackie

Melissa said...

I have a surprise for you... I'm awarding you the Versatile Blogger Award! Come on over to pick up your award. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
:0) Melissa

Mrs. Rios said...

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Christi at Ms. Fultz's Corner said...

Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your ideas!
Christi ツ
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Amber Huber said...

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Amber Huber

Rene Machjewski said...

I am also awarding you the Versatile Blogger! I see that I'm not alone in LOVING reading your blog!!!

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Guillaume Laurier said...

Good ideas! I work for a company that developed an app called TagMyDoc. It allows you to add a QR code to any type of document which can be scanned and retrieved immediately as a virtual copy on a mobile device! It's a more innovative and useful than traditionnal QR code. A lot of teachers and educational institutions use it! We also have a version system that gives you great flexibility and access to the most recent & reliable content. For example, you can make much more creative and unique scavenger hunts! If you wanna try just go on and it's totally free!

Markeeta said...

I nominated you for an award. Come on over to my blog and get it!!!

Jen Martin said...

Thanks for posting on QR codes! Those always seemed a bit scary for not at all! I now plan to use them as a Word Work activity for the Daily 5. Thank you for guiding the way!


Amanda said...

Hi, I'm Amanda from Hugs For The Teacher, I'm your newest follower. I'd like to award you with the Versatile Blogger Award. Please come to my blog to claim your award...

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carriebeez said...

Hey Lynda....this is Carrie! Love your blog :) Lots of neat ideas. I'm just starting & trying to figure out all this bloggy-verse.
The First Grade Derby

amy said...

I found your blog through Casey's giveaway. I am also a 2nd grade teacher.
Where Seconds Count

Britney said...

Hi! I love your blog:) I am your partner for the product swap that is coming up! My email is! When you get a chance, shoot me an email:)

Melissa said...

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