Monday, July 22, 2013

Busy Little....TEACHER!

I have been busy, busy, busy working on some fabulous new ideas to use for the beginning of the school year. I know we still have a quite a bit of time still (thank goodness!) but I have definitely entered the phase of my summer where my thoughts drift to the new school year!
I am working on a fun resource with a variety of "Get to Know You" and
 Beginning of the Year activities to do with my new class of 4th graders. The best part is many of these activities can be used with kiddos from K-5 and will be a ton of fun to do with them!
Here is a little sneak peek just for you!
This freebie is 4 different maps!
Just click on the image to download!
I really hope you are able to use these and I can't wait to show you a little more of what I have been working on to go along with these activities. I hope that I can finish it up soon!
I am having all sorts of fun with social media these days!
Here are a few places where we can connect!


Teacher and Life Long Learner said... always inspire me...thank you!

Melissa Madden said...

These are cute! Thanks!

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