Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Timesavers with Blog Hoppin'

Wow..oh ...wow! I have been so super busy this school year getting my feet under me in a new grade! I absolutely love fourth grade so far and am so excited to finally be able to get back on some. What of a schedule to blog again! 

I am joining my sweet friends at Blog Hoppin' to share couple of time savers that have rally saved me this year! It has been a fabulously crazy year but these little hints have saved me!

When I am grading, I always use Groovy Grader. It is an app that resembles our old green Easy Grader (oh you know what I am talking about...LOL)! I have it installed on both my iPhone and iPad and it is so convenient when I am grading just about anywhere! It's a must have for sure!

Here's a little video that talks about this awesome app!

Another fabulous way that I save time is using Dropbox. This has to be my favorite way to store and access my files and allows me to be able to work on lesson plans, class resources and products for Teachers Pay Teachers just about anytime, anywhere. Now more carrying a 5 or 6 flash drives! All I need is right there in any computer that I have installed it on or through the iPad and iPhone apps. I save times imply not having to chase down my flash drives...LOL!

I really saw how this was helpful while I was creating Duck Bucks: An Incentive Program! I was able to open all my graphics files and PowerPoint to work just about anywhere. It allowed me to work on it away from my home computer and I would simply save to Dropbox. When I arrived home, the copy that I had worked on was there ready for me to make more changes and continue on my way to completing this fun little resource.

My last favorite little time saver is one that I hope that you use too! When I am lesson planning, there are usually three tabs open on my computer...
1. District Curriculum 
3. Pinterest   

I can not tell you how amazing resources I have found on both Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest. Now, I think it is very important to really do your research and make sure that what you find what truly fits your curriculum and is a resource that is valuable and not just fun, cute or otherwise irrelevant. Saving time can't compromise quality but I know that there are some amazing resources that there for your use!

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Ashley Reed said...

Thanks for the awesome tips! :)
Just Reed!

Kristen said...

ooooo...I never heard of Groovy Grader--thanks so much Lynda!! I think I have the same three tabs open on my computer all of the time too :) :)

I just love knowing you are teaching an upper grade, I'm so happy you like it!

Lacey Miller said...

I love the idea of the drop box. I'm a college student on the road to becoming a teacher and this would be very helpful now in my college career as well as my teaching career.

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