Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bright Ideas- Writing on the Walls!

It's time for some more Bright Ideas and I have a super fun one to share with you! 

My idea was inspired by the documentary TEACH, which aired last fall. One of the teachers was teaching Algebra to 9th grade students and piloted a program to help her students to succeed. Part of what occurred was that the room was a 360 degree classroom, where students had wipe boards all around them. Every single wall. She used this to create an AMAZING collaborative environment for her students to be able to work through problems, watch others work problems and have conversations about their strategies.

I feel in love.

Then I can I do that? I couldn't very well buy giant wipe boards! My classroom has two already (one that is somewhat covered with my Promethean board) but the rest of the room is mostly large blue cabinets....and then it hit me!


So I wrote a Donor's Choose grant for several rolls of write and wipe contact paper and expo markers! Here are the results...


This was the easiest project and is going to have so many rewards! The students can get out of their seats, allows for collaboration and creates an environment that fun, save and productive!  This worked beautifully with task cards from all subjects and will make a great resource for writing reading responses, editing and so much more! I hope you enjoyed this idea and are inspired to show "the writing on the wall" in your classroom! 

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Ms Rojo said...

I love this!!!! Where did you get the paper from???

Ms. Morgart said...

Amazon carries it in both black and white! I relieved both in my grant just to provide a little variety and to cover different parts of my classroom (the black works well on my desk and file cabinets). It's not very expensive at all!

Lori said...

Great idea for working together and collaboration!
Conversations in Literacy

Miss Foote said...

I also loved that idea from the documentary. We didn't get to the walls....but did some work on big whiteboards.
Chickadee Jubilee

Jennifer White said...

Great idea!
First Grade Blue SKies

Andria said...

They have write and wipe contact paper? Oh this is totally on my amazon wishlist now! Great idea!

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