Saturday, February 12, 2011

Literacy Stations

My kiddos love literacy stations! They enjoy working independently and with a partner and adore all the wonderful ideas I have collected (so many sensational blogs....I can't help myself!!). However, there are times when little friends can't contain their excitement and energy and become a distraction to others that are trying to stay on task. I have been guiding my students to make better choices and one of the things I like to do with them is have them fill out a behavior report. The kiddos reflect on their behavior (while sitting out during one rotation as a consequence) and work on the report. Then we take a minute or two to discuss what happened, what would have been a better choice and what they will do during their next opportunity at stations. Then we both sign the bottom, just like a like a real contract :) and the student goes back to stations. This has worked with a few of my students who need a little more support than the others.

What do you do to keep literacy stations running smoothly? I would love to hear all your FABULOUS ideas!!


Sarah Paul said...

I have Fun Friday, which is just 30 minutes of a "fun" activity Friday afternoon. The kids who finished their centers get to participate in Fun Friday. The kids who didn't finish, use that time to work on centers. When I see students chatty or off-task I just ring the bell and remind them about Fun Friday. After missing a couple of Fun Fridays, I saw a huge difference with students staying on task. I also give class points between every rotation for good behavior. Also, I allow my students to work in pairs for some activities, but if they are too loud or off-task, they get one reminder, then they have to separate. Students that have a hard time staying quiet or on-task for a couple days in a row, do not get the option of a buddy for at least a day. Often that motivates them to "prove" that they can work with a friend again soon. I'm lucky because I have a parent helper usually, so that helps a lot! I have more about my center organization at my blog:

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a behavior report. I'm having trouble downloading yours. Would you mind emailing me a copy? Thanks!

cherigon said...

Yor behavior report is a great idea and I would love to use it in my classroom. Would you please be so kind and email me a copy??

many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a new teacher teaching kindergarten and I'm having a hard time getting my kids to stay on task and being quiet. I have 21 student and no teacher aid. My student range from high to super low. HEEELLLLPPPPP!!!


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