Monday, February 28, 2011

This is why we do what we do.....

I can't believe how very busy I have been these last couple of weeks. I promise to post soon but I just had to share this with everyone. I love watching the Oscars..the dresses, the glamour, the WONDERFUL movies! This year, the show ended with a rendition of one of my all time favorite songs.....Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz.

It brought tears to my eyes.... they are AMAZING! 

When things are a little hectic and aren't quit going my way, its moments like this one that remind me of every child's amazing potential and humbles me to know that I have the honor of being a teacher!


Mrs. Hicks@hicks-thealphabetgarden.blogspot said...

I so agree! There are many negatives out there right now in education but the children provide the biggest positive for us to be here and do what we do. I am enjoying your post and I teared up at the end of the Oscars, also!


Mrs. Hicks@hicks-thealphabetgarden.blogspot said...

Congratulations, you have been awarded The Stylish Award for your incredible blog! I am enjoying your blog and wanted to pass this along!

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Ms. Morgart said...

Thank you so much!!! This is my first ever blog award!! Woo hoo!! I promise to post and pay it forward tomorrow....asap! YAY!!

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