Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hello again!!!!!

I am so happy to have a chance to post tonight! There have been so many wonderful ideas going on in blogland and I must say....I am grabbing the chance to add some of my own :)

First up.....I love all the wonderful ideas that I have seen on classroom management. Although the green-yellow-red system is one that works with most students, I couldn't help but try something new with my group of kiddos this year. As I looked for alternatives, I came across a chart that had five colors rather than three. This system has turned out to work really will with my class because it allows students to strive for a "sparkle" rather than just a  good day. My students are able to move fluidly through the day, allowing them to be able to make decisions that will benefit them, even when they have made choices that ....well, weren't the best. We agreed, as a class, that the only time that you could not change your color "up" is when someone changes their color to red. All in all, I have been really impressed with this chart and with the students response to it.

I loved that the person who created this chart gave their students gems to deorate their clips when they got a "sparkle" ...and the kiddos are still SOOO excited about getting a gem for their clip!

I made my own posters to use with this system.... I hope that you like them!!
Just click on the picture below to download.

I plan to post some great activities that I have done with my kiddos very soon so make sure to drop by and check it out!!

Have a happy Monday!!


Mireya Aguirre said...

I was unable to see or download your poster.



Ms. Morgart said...

Oh no! I am going to try to relink it is a google doc so hopefully that isn't a problem. Please let me know. Thanks!

Mrs.Thompson said...

Love the idea of a 'sparkle'! :) I just came across your blog for the first time and I see we have the same layout- great minds think alike :)

Mrs. Thompsom
Adventures in Teaching

Anonymous said...

Hi! We also use a system using multiple colors (blue, green, yellow, orange and red) This has also helped our 1st graders make better choices! Thanks for your great ideas- I am always looking for new ideas!


ellen said...

Just finding this great idea now but was unable to see a photo. Could you send one or repost. thanks so much! Love the idea!

Ms. Morgart said...

Thanks so much for letting me know! I apologize that you weren't able to see the picture. Sometimes my uploaded pictures do funny things. I had recently updated that behavior chart (adding another color from a request of a bloggy friend). If you would like to see that one, just use the link below:

This is the direct link to the google doc of the chart as well :)

Let me know if you have any trouble, I am happy to help! :)

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