Monday, March 7, 2011

YAY!! My first blog award!!

I am so excited to be recieving my very first blog award!! It is soooooo exciting!! Thank you Mrs. Hicks from for thinking of me!! it's time to share.....

1. I expreienced love at first sight when I saw my beautiful daughter for the first time.  My greatest reward in life is being her mother.

2. I have the most wonderful, supportive, amazing family ever!!

3. There are 5 puppies (well, they are all getting a little older but they are still our babies) in our family.  My puppy (he will be 10 in June), Harry, is the best dog ever....yes, ever! There are also 4 other loving and adoreable four legged babies that belong to my sisters and my parents- it is amazing how well they get along. Especially because they are all different breeds-Beagle, Yorkie, Pomerian, Brittany Spaniel and my little guy is a mini American Eskie.

4. I love my ipod, kindle, laptop....anything that has to do with technology. However, this is a new found love. I was lucky enough to be selected for a week long training 2 years ago given by our district. It was then that I discovered just how fun it could be (and not as intimidating as I once thought!)

5. I love, love, love anything and everything that has to do with BROADWAY! Yes, I am the person that has to literally remind herself not to sing when she goes to see a musical ;) secret dream job would definitely be on the broadway stage!

6. I am finally....and I mean finally.....going to New York City this summer!! It has been a life long dream (see number 5...)

7. I was a finalist for teacher of the year :)

Thank you again Mrs. Hicks! This was such a wonderful surprise!!


Mrs. Hicks@hicks-thealphabetgarden.blogspot said...

You are welcome! Maybe we should to head to Broadway together if this whole teaching thing doesn't work out...

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