Monday, May 23, 2011

I am SOOOOO excited to have you here!!

Happy Monday (last one of the year for me - Woohoo)! I am so happy to be back on track after what seemed like forever since my last post! As you all know, the school year is very quickly coming to an end and I have been super busy finishing grades, going to meetings, DRA testing and a million other things. But, I am looking forward to this short week and saying hi to many new friends through Tag! You're It over at TBA. I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing group of teachers and am honored to be a featured author this week.

I started blogging in January as a way to find new materials for my classroom...and WOW did I ever!! I have not only found so many wonderful and inspiring ideas but have been so lucky to find a new group of PHENOMENAL teachers to collaborate with through blogging. I have meet some of the sweetest and most dedicated teachers I have ever known and I am so grateful to have found this opportunity to grow as an educator.

This week, I will be posting some freebies and also having a MAGICAL giveway with the lovely Ms. Magge from First Grade Brain and Ms. Perry from Primary make sure to come by and visit this week (and invite a friend along too!)

So to start your Monday is a little something that I used with my kiddos that I hope you will enjoy:


Amanda said...

I tried to view, but it said I didn't have permission to view it! :(

Pam said...

I too got the same message. Thanks for the freebies!

The Lesson Plan Diva- A 1st grade blog said...

I got the same message. Thanks!

Tanya said...

I got that message too. Glad you're a TBA member. :)
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Janine said...

I love all of your ideas! I got the same message, but these things happen sometimes, keep up with all of the creativity!

Ms. Metevia said...

Hey Lynda! Welcome to the blogging world! I love your theme (it's mine too!). I added your button to my site. Check it out sometime!

Technology, Teaching, and Talking

Hadar said...

I love coming to your blog! Thanks for the freebie :)

Miss Kindergarten

Hadar said...

You have my old blog button {outfitted and inspired}!! Will you change it to my new one {miss kindergarten}??

Miss Kindergarten

Ms. Morgart said...

Sorry about the link but I think it's all fixed!! Try it out and let me know :)

Ms. Morgart said...

Hadar- got your new one on there now....looks so cute :)

Linda Romana said...

I'm glad to have found you through tab! You have done a fantastic job with your blog. Right now I don't have one, but hope to start one someday!

Mrs. Mugurussa said...

Thanks for sharing this- I know my kids will like this
Time 4 Kindergarten

Mrs. Ibarra said...

Thanks for sharing! Love your blog.

Mrs. B said...

I love your blog! Enjoy the end of your year and I know that you're looking forward to the sunny days of summer! :)

Frogs and Fairy Tales

Chrissy said...

Thank you!!


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