Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year's Resolution- Organization!!

Today I am linking up with Hope of Second Grade Shenanigans to set some goals on....organization!
I love digital files.
There are so many fabulous resources that I have collected throughout the years {I am a blogging and Teacher Pay Teachers addict!} and they have been saved on flash drives, hard drives, Dropbox, GoogleDocs and my computer. When I go to search for something, I search in several different places and sometime can't find the resource that I know I have!
So, it's time to organize.
This will be a huge endeavor but here's the plan:
Everything will be stored on my hard drive and because I am always worried that I will lose my files, Dropbox will be my back up.
All flash drives will be moved to my hard drive and wiped {yikes!}
I will rename files with a name that I can actually find.
Is it bad that this already gives me a little anxiety?!?
 I love to take photos.
Digital is great! I have thousands and thousands of pictures and just like my digital files, are saved in several different places. So I have started to download all my pictures to Shutterfly. I love that there is unlimited space{which I am sure I need} but I can access them from anywhere. It also helps that I can download my gazillion of pictures from my iPhone onto my Shutterfly using the app! Even those pesky photo stream pictures! Woohoo!
My goal here is to have pictured developed each month and begin to scrapbook all those beautiful digital pictures. Ok, well maybe not scrapbook. I'm too much of a perfectionist and I tend to fixate on the littlest thing...but I will definitely get them in an album!!
I love my grade book...seriously, don't laugh!
I have already started organizing this little beauty. The trouble here was that I needed to find a way to get my RtI paperwork in an accessible place where I can update it often. So I moved that documentation to my grade book and that worked like a charm.
I am a post-it note queen! Anyone that knows me would tell you I keep the company in business and they are all over the place to remind me of a million things. So, the week before school got out I started to collect my notes and work through them each day. I even have a little page to stick them on if it's a note that I need for a bit....and it's in my grade book! Yes!
I can think of a ton of other things that need to be organized. But I am going to start small and go from there! My closets at school should have made this list....haha!
Check out Hope's awesome post and the linky at Second Grade Shenanigans! 



Kristen said...

Lynda! You cracked me up with the file names! I am so bad about naming them some random name and then having a complete fit when I can't find it later, hahaha!

Loved reading about your goals. I need to do the same! :)

Jennifer said...

I just started renaming items in my files too! And putting them into folders for month or subject or both.

Rowdy in First Grade

Lisa R. said...

You just read my mind about renaming files and getting them organized. The thought of it gives me a little anxiety too! lol
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Courtney Long said...

Dropbox is such an amazing tool! I use it for personal files and then my grade level set up a folder so that we can easily upload lesson plans and share various files. It's been a life saver this year... especially when my laptop crashed!


Ruby said...

It's been half a year now since you last posted this, I hope you managed to stick through your resolution. And if you are not as organized right now, it's not too late to start again. It's important to manage your digital files, so it's better late than never. But managing your digital files doesn't end with organizing it, you also have to make sure you have back-ups, and that these are secured enough. More importantly, you can access your back-ups anytime and anywhere. That's where data management services can help you with. They can make sure that not only will you have physical and digital back-ups of your files, they will make sure to manage your date securely, and organize it for ease and convenience of access as well.

Williams Data Management

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