Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolution- Fitness!

Oh my! THIS is the one that is gonna get me! I am lining up with the amazing Deedee
from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for the hardest resolutions to make and keep....
I really need a good plan for this one this year!
1. Eat Healthy.
I have a confession to make. I am a serial Weight Watchers member. Yes, me.
They are always so glad to see me start again...because I have done it about 40 times.
I love Weight Watchers. It allows me lots of flexibility and when I get into it, I lose
weight rather well! But what gets me every time is that I get too busy to take care of what I eat and fall into the easy snack/teacher's lounge/ what is in the fridge routine and anything that I have lost finds its way back.
But, I think that I might have an idea. Sundays are my get everything ready for school day...wash clothes, figure out outfits, check calendar.... so why not add 'make my snacks and lunches' to this list! I know right!?! Duh!!
This year is the year. I am going to lose that darn weight that is driving me CRAZY!
2. Excercise.
I am not an exercise girl. Nope not me. But I realize that I have to do something to stay healthy and I am not getting any younger! This is a two prong approach...hehehe. After talking to some of my friends, they have suggested an app called Couch to 5k and the Nike App to help me build up my stamina. I'm also going to need some new shoes and work out clothes. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
The other part to this plan is Zumba. If, and I really mean if, I can find a time that works for my daughter and my schedule, I would LOVE to join a gym and get into Zumba. Running/ walking can happen anywhere but Zumba is a little bit different. I really want to go to a class seems like it would be a BLAST!!
Well, there it is. My plan for the famous words of Nike....
time for me to


Danielle said...

I LOVE Zumba class and the Nike App is really helpful for running/walking. Good luck!

Carolina Teacher

shamraiz said...

Me too LOVE Zomba class and the Nike App is really helpful for running/walking. Good luck!
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Anonymous said...

I'm not an exercise girl either. My husband bought a treadmill with ifit for the both of us and it actually ended up being pretty fun.

How are you doing with your exercises btw? A friend does Zumba and says its almost like shes not working out at all!

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