Sunday, June 30, 2013

But will you love me tomorrow?

Today is June 30th. You know what that means....
Google Readers last day!!
If you have been following me these last couple of years, THANK YOU! This little blog as to be one of the best things I have ever done to expand my horizon as a teacher. I have meet some amazing people along the way and I have LOVED sharing ideas, thoughts and reflections with all of you!
Now, we are moving on to a new chapter for Curls and a Smile! I am super excited about following all my favorite blogs on Blog Lovin'! There is a great app that makes reading my favorite blogs so easy and I love the daily email that I can read through to stay caught up.
There is nothing more that I would love than for you to continue this awesome journey with me!
Creating an account on Blog Lovin' is super easy and I promise you will love it!
Want to follow me?
Just click on the super cute graphic from my friends Shuna (Pocketful of Kinders) , Anna (Crazy For First Grade)  or Stacy (Mrs. Johnson's First Grade)!
They were all so cute, I couldn't decide!
I can't wait to share my giveaway for over 1000 Facebook followers and hopefully we can celebrate everyone coming over to Blog Lovin too! I am getting very, very close to hit a milestone there too!
 I just love you guys!
Now, GO! Hurry and import all your favorite blogs into Blog Lovin' today!


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