Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Blogging Means to Me

I am writing this because of a huge realization that I had tonight. Spring Break has finally afforded me enough time to go through and do a little spring cleaning here at Curls and a Smile. I was labeling my posts (to make them easier to find) and realized something that made me really kinda sad. I realized just how many of the posts I had written were promoting a resource, sale or giveaway. Now, please don't get me wrong, these are all fabulous but...... it was the pure inspiration of reading what amazing teachers all over the state, country and world were doing with their kiddos that started the dream of this little blog that you are reading right now. 

It wasn't the giveaways....
although those are nice sometimes. 

It wasn't the promotions...
even though I really do like to see new resources.

I started blogging with Curls and a Smile to share and collaborate with teachers and to develop my craft with others that also spent their free time reflecting on great teaching strategies that they had tried in their classrooms. I miss the great tips (no matter how little they were) and the neat new ways to teach the same skills that we are all asked to teach our students. I need to get back to that. Back to what makes all of this worthwhile and honestly, worth reading. 

So, I am going to change that and bring the JOY and HAPPINESS back into my blogging. I truly hope to get back to what I love most about this amazing community of teachers that we have- the loving spirit of sharing with each other to benefit all of our students. 

I hope you will stick with me as I breath new life into my sweet little blog that I just love and rededicate myself to what really brings us all together- great ideas and best practices!


Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...

I think self-reflection is such a wonderful thing. Blogging is still one of my top ways to make me reflective on my teaching too ;) Thanks for sharing your thoughts - balance is something we all need to find.

Heather W said...

Way to be so reflective! Blogging can be overwhelming with teaching, families, and life. Sometimes we have to sit back and look at exactly what we are doing and why. =)

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