Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday: Needs and Wants

Hi everyone!! My little ones have been learning all about needs and wants and making good choiceswith their money/allowances. Today we read the storyAlexander That Used to Be Rich Last Sunday. The kiddos kept track of the money that Alexander spent and as we were reading..... they were so cute! They kept insisting that Alexander should learn his lesson and that he needed to save his money. They were just so upset with Alexander (and that he "wasted" his money) that when they were able to give him advice.....the room was
SILENT! I had so much fun reading their responses to Alexander and they really enternalized the idea that you should be careful with the decisions that you make with money.....it was a super succesful lesson! So, I wanted to share it with you! :)                                                                                                          


Melissa said...

Thanks! I always read this when we study money, but it would be great for wants and needs lessons too! I'll be printing soon.
F is For First Grade

Ms. Morgart said...

YAY! So glad that you can use it! It was a lot of fun to do with the kiddos- their reactions were priceless!

JenniferL said...

Oooh! We're starting money after fractions! Can't wait!

Lory said...

Your blog is great! Darling ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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