Thursday, April 28, 2011

School Year Success with Kristen at Labybug's Teacher Files

This school year truly is flying by! We only have 24 days left and as I look back at the class that I received in August, I think that there are several things to celebrate!

First, this group has shown me a great deal about classroom management. I have been teaching for 11 years and I have a lot of tricks in my bag. But every once in a while, a class comes around and shows you that maybe...just maybe... you need a few more tricks! They have come such a long way and I think that this truly comes from beign consistant and being clear about my expectations. I used a very colorful chart this year, that allowed for opportunities to redeem themselves and their choices (which really worked for this groups of kiddos). If you would like to read more and grab a copy of my chart, click here. I also made sure that their was an accountablility piece that would allow them to reflect on their behavior. You can click here to read more about classroom management during stations click here.

Another great success that I have had this school year is my development of new and fresh ideas for my class. Not only have I found amazing new resources from my blogging friends, I have also challenged myself to create some new and exciting things (and am having a BLAST doing it!) The kiddos are loving it and I feel so filled when the lesson that I have worked so hard to make perfect creates great learning moments! To see a few of the things that I have made, check out my blog or go to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. That has been an adventure all of its own :)

Every year, around this time, I like to think about what I would like to do differently (or maybe better) that the year before. This summer, I think I am going to reread my Daily Five book and work on way to incorporate the CAFE into my instruction next year....well, that's if I am teaching reading.... or first grade for that matter....hmm, maybe  better wait until a little further in May to make any plans ;)


Kristen said...

Thanks for joining in the party Ms. Morgart! I am in the same boat with CAFE. I also know what you mean about blogging this year, it has truly impacted my teaching. It's so great to read about these things, thanks again!

Ladybug's Teacher Files

Kristen said...

I just saw your behavior chart...I may use it next year. I am changing the theme of my room. I haven't decided between stars or owls (random, I know), but if I do stars, I would definitely use this! Thanks!


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