Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Before and After Classroom Linky Party

Hi everyone! I will be back on contract and getting ready for my new class on Monday but before then I want to see all your classroom makeovers and fabulous ideas for making your room an inviting learning enviroment!

As I work on my room, I will post pictures and share how I oranize and decorate my room. Here are a few pictures from my first grade classroom last year.

This was my calendar and carpet area ....

This is a picture of part of my reading station...I took this pic as I was packing up so the pillows and books had already been put away. The pictures that are on the wall are from a children's literature calendar. They worked out PERFECTLY!

As I start to get my room ready, I will post pics of my new monster themed classroom...but for now, it is your turn!!

Link up, grab my button and tell others!

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SunnyDays said...

Great linky idea! I've been allowed back for 3 days, so I posted a slideshow of each day's progress. I got a lot accomplished, but still have some more to go :)

Sunny Days In Second Grade

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