Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top Ten Reasons That I Know I am Heading Back to School

I can't believe how quickly the summer seemed to pass me by!! It really doesn't feel like school should be starting in two weeks (and I report back to school in a week)!

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits is having a linky party... and here are my tops ten ways I know it's time to go back to school!!

10. I have bought an entire wardrobe of clothing for my daughter in sizes that are mostly too big...

9. My living room looks like a small school supply store full of new shipments of every kind of school supply possible.

8. The "lists" of things to do before Aug. 19 have begun and are getting longer each day.

7. The number of emails I receive each day is growing exponentially.

6. My printer is running about 23 hours a day with amazing ideas from fabulous bloggers!

5. My night stand looks like a college students desk....stacks of professional books, highlighters, notebooks, pens and about a 12 million post its with notes about ways to improve instruction, classroom behavior, decorating the classroom, etc.

4. I am on the pursuit to recruit anyone I can to come by and help set up my room (I barely 5'1, so the taller the

3. I am staying up later and later every night, blog hopping and stretching each day out just a little bit longer (I am such a night owl....)

2. Next week is full of appointments that have to be done before school because I won't have a free moment until November.

1. As overwhelmed as I get sometimes, I get excited to think about seeing my school babies and sharing with them all the things that I have been preparing all Summer and knowing that this year will be the best school year yet!

So, what about you? How do you know that the school year is fast approaching?
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Reagan Tunstall said...

yay! I was so excited to see your post. I also buy my daughter a wardrobe that is too big every year...why do I do it???? :) Best of luck on your new school year!

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