Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Thankfulness with Blog Hoppin....A for Apps

Two posts in one day? Can you say inspired! I am having so much fun with Blog Hoppin's Thanksgiving linky and am really loving having a few extra moments to blog away!

A is for APPS!

I love my iPhone, iPad and all things Apple. There are so many cool apps out there and I wanted to share some of the coolest ones that I have found this year!

Plickers is an awesome app that allows you to use your iDevice to get instant feedback from your students! Once you have created a class, download the unique qr code for each student. Each card is coded with 4 different responses and all the students have to do is turn their qr code to show their answer (A-D). You take a picture with your iDevice and BAM! Instant feedback! It is pretty cool and amazingly useful during lessons and as exit tickets.

Don't have time to grade papers? ZipGrade allows you to simply scan your students answer's that simple. You will need to create a class on their website and choose which scan tron you will use and print for your assignment. Then have the kids bubble their responses, take a picture of your key....and start grading! 

I love this app and have used it for two years. It is one of the most effective and best forms of communication that I have with my student's parents.  It is perfect for reminders, sharing class pictures and getting important information to them quickly. The best part is that now you can schedule texts and even send a voice message!  Many of the parents really appreciate this app because they are more likely to see a text than and email or a note from me. 

I just love apps and when I find one that is really helpful....there is nothing better than to share it! Try them out and hopefully  you will love them as much as I do!


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