Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently...and YES I am still here...

Oh my goodness, I have missed blogging these last couple of weeks! As you can probably guess, I went back to school about 2 weeks ago and have been SUPER busy! This has been a great start to a new school year, I think probably the best one ever! The kiddos I have this year are former students of mine from when I taught first and second (they looped with me and now we are together for a 3rd school year!) I seriously LOVE this class and we have already hit the ground running! They are part of my support system as I navigate the new curriculum of 4th grade. Everything else is pretty much falling into place, but discovering new curriculum and what it needs to look like in the lessons I plan is definitely a learning curve. My fourth graders are so independent and I am looking for the perfect balance of my primary minded instruction and their ability to do complete the task with less support from me. This is a year of learning for me too but I am ALWAYS up to the challenge!
I am linking up with my sweet friend Farley from Oh Boy 4th Grade to share my CURRENTLY...
I just love this monthly blog post by Farley! Definitely a great way to stop for just a moment in time and reflect about all that is happening at that moment!
As I am writing this post, I am so esuper excited to say that Teaching with Curls and a Smile on Facebook now has over 1500 likes! I am SO excited and can't wait to have a little giveaway to say thank you for all your LOVE and SUPPORT!
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I'll be announcing something exciting very soon to celebrate!