Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Favorite Planner...Ever! {From the Girl Who Loves Office Supplies}

Hi. My name is Lynda.... and I am addicted to office supplies! If there is a pen, pencil ...notepad ...paperclip ...marker ....watch out! I am all about it!

I am super picky about my selection of planners, calendars and notepads. So when I say that this is my favorite planner of all time....you know I am serious! Finding the perfect planner can really be a difficult task and let's face it, your planner is your life! So it's important to find the perfect one....

And this is it....

April's planner is perfect for all my needs- both teacher and personal! 

The planner begins with the monthly tabs. This is where I keep all my important dates and meetings for school and for my crazy busy life as a momma too. I love color coding everything, so the pages are great for including all of the days' events, whether personal or professional. 

{A pretty place to put your name}

{Monthly tabs to make everything easy to find}

{A convenient place for notes- 
I love to use post-its so that I can continue to add and change 
notes through out the month,} 

{Weekly page for all your planning needs}

The At-a-Glance is my favorite way to keep organized! I use this part of the Life Map to plan ahead for the year. I am able to add information such as admin contacts, schedules, student names and contact information and student birthdays.

 {Admin, substitute and teammate information}

 {Student contact information}

{Don't forget your sweet kiddos b-days with this great page!}

{This is perfect for place for your weekly sticky notes}

The very best part...there are pages, organized by week, for long term planning!!! This is one of my FAVORITE features and makes planning so much easier!

{These are my favorite pages!} 

There are some wonderful pages for notes and ideas. 
It's great to have free space for all life's little notes!

April is amazingly talented and has done a beautiful job of creating a planner that meets all my needs and is OH SO PRETTY to look at! The bright colors and great organization are just what I need and allows for a perfect blend of my school life and my Mama life...I couldn't ask for more!

Now...for  a little surprise...

Are you in love and want the chance to win this awesome planner? April has kindly offered one lucky reader a planner!!!  All you have to do is check out the rafflecopter below to enter! We will have a winner on Sunday.....I am so excited!!

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bright Ideas: Twitter for Teachers- Getting Started

This summer, my eyes have definitely been opened to the power of Twitter. For many years, it has been just another place to post about my blog and resources and maybe read a little something about current events.

I had no idea how powerful a tool Twitter could be for me as a teacher!  So I am going to share a few bright ideas on how you can get started on Twitter and begin to change the way you think about professional development. 

1. First, set up your account. A great app that answers a ton of  Twitter questions and gets you started is TweechMe. It's a perfect little manual for the big wide world of Twitter!

2. If you don't already follow your favorite blogs and educational publishers, that is a great place to start! There is a world of ways to find resources and learn more about educational subjects just at the tip of your fingers!

3. Follow your favorite educational authors! Twitter is the most amazing way to interact with and learn from the best! You can find book studies and twitter chats that are based on the author's writing and allows you to connect with wonderful teachers from around the world! There is nothing like tweeting with author's and asking them your burning questions! Best professional development around!

3. Lurk...then plunge! Hashtags (or as some of us remember, the pound sign...LOL) is a great way to see what people are saying about just about anything that you might be looking for and is a perefect place to start when looking for Twitter chats. There are some great hashtags such as #edtech and #edchat that are full of fabulous tweets and people to follow. 

Once you have found a Twitter chat that you want to explore, don't feel bad for just watching the chat happen! I was pretty intimated the first few times that I joined in on Twitter chats and I think the only thing I am have said was HI! When your ready...JUMP IN! Have fun, share your thoughts and don't forget to add your hashtag to your response (so everyone can see your tweet)!

4. If you want to watch and participate in more than one chat...and yes, you will become addicted and become a pro and want to join every chat you see...LOL....

Tweet Deck is a great website that will allow you to view and participate in several chats in a super easy, organized way! More to come on that next time...

I have set up a Pinterest board- Twitter for Teachers for my new fave way to connect with tons of tips on how to become a Twitter master! 

I truly hope that you enjoyed this bright idea and I would love for you to  joining me on  Facebook, Instagram  or Pinterest for more fun ideas! 

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