Saturday, January 25, 2014

Giveaway fun with Blog Hoppin and ME!

Howdy everybody! I am so excited to be enjoying my long weekend due to the "snow day" we had on Friday! Yes, a snow day in Texas....don't laugh! The ice was terrible and well...better safe than sorry. I made sure to take advantage of the extra time off to take care of a few things and try to get back to the blogging that I so adore....

This weekend, the ladies at Blog Hoppin' and I are hosting a giveaway to celebrate the 100th Day of School! Now, I teach fourth grade and am on a learning curve but who doesn't get excited about being a hundred days smarter!?! So I am going to work a little magic for my fourth graders so they can have some fun too!

This little resource.... a fun unit for the little ones that are in k-2. I made this for my kiddos last year when I was teaching second and they just loved it! I am looking to add to this resource and the price may go up a tad. Of course, if you snatch it now, you get all the updates for FREE!

Another awesome update is that I have almost 900 followers on TpT!
 I am gearing up for a giveaway to celebrate that milestone so make sure to stay tuned!

Off to work on a new resource and hopefully some more fun activities for you and your kiddos!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's Resolution- Professional Goals

I am linking up with Amy of The Resourceful Room 
for day 4 of the New Year's Resolution Linky at Blog Hoppin'! 

At the begin of this year, my principal asked us to think of a word that would inspire us for the year. One that we could use to remind us of what our goal for our students would be as we plan for them, create our classroom environments and develop relationships with each of them. 

Mine was simple. 


I want my students to feel that in everything they do in life, especially in learning. Learning can be as deep or as superficial as we allow it to be and I wanted my students to SEEK LEARNING independent of me, the classroom and our school. I want to plant the seed of curiosity just enough that they, on their own, want to learn more about what they have learned and develop an environment of more questions than answers. 

One of the things that I have incorporated is using technology has often as possible. My students have full access of all the computers in my room (during anytime of the day that is not direct instruction). I model using Google to find answers to questions about just about anything and how to turn those answers into more questions. I encourage them to share any new information with the class during our lessons and love the discussions that they have from their independently found information.

My kids blog. Oh yes, and they love it! We use and the students blog about both given prompts and anything that might interest them. I was surprised by how much they wanted to do this (after all it is and some of the posts are just to funny to read. I am also really happy that we started this because I have two students that will be leaving me in the spring and this will be a great way to keep in touch with their classmates!! My goal with this is to make sure to comment more often and encourage it as part of their homework. We will be setting some new expectations now that we have played with it for a little while and this will be done as a class next week so that there is investment and ownership of what we are doing with the blogs (mostly revisit rules about grammar and punctuation, expectations for assignments vs. free writes and commenting etiquette.)   

Another focus will be the use of  The Genius Hour as a way to tap into what interests my students. I ran across this idea one day last semester as I was searching for ways to challenge and enrich my students classroom experience. This instantly peeked my interest and when I saw my super sweet friend Jennifer of Runde's Room (I just adore her!!) was doing it with her class, I became super...SUPER excited! My kiddos have already been introduced to this concept and are just dying to get started. I think that this is going to be amazing and a great way to balance out testing stress and anxiety for the kiddos (and for me too)! I will definitely be posting about this and am considering creating a blogging series about it too...YES!

Well, I am off to research laptops! My beloved laptop has seen her last days and unfortunately after replacing the screen, there just wasn't any saving her. Wish me luck! Big purchases make me so nervous!

Make sure to stop by Blog Hoppin' and share some love!

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year's Resolutions with Blog Hoppin- Fitness

Another fabulous day of planning for 2014 and this one I think may be the one that I am the most excited! Ok, seriously don't laugh! I am really excited about this one because I am coming in with a plan and believe that this is going to be the year that I finally get this weight and fitness issue under control! 

This is the plan:

1. My gifts are my motivation. 
This Christmas and for my birthday I asked for anything that  would keep me motivated. I appreciate everything that my family has given to me and I want to make sure to show that appreciation by putting their sweet presents to good use! The only thing I need is a couple of tops and I am ready to go...I am pretty sure that means I get to go! Woohoo!

2. Get back to my running routine with Couch to 5K.
If you are trying to get build up to becoming a runner then this is the app for you. I love this app and was really good about it until the craziness of  December hit and throw my schedule off. But no more! This girl will be out there days of the week for sure! More if I can swing it! 

3. Plan for Diet 
Right now, I'll be honest. It's make it until I get back to work. Monday will be the day that I can finally get a handle of all the holiday and birthday eating! I am the first to admit that I have done just about every diet out there but the one thing I have noticed through it all is a) my body does not like bad carbs even though they taste oh so good and b)I need to eat smaller meals/ snacks rather than big meals. I have done Atkins and was very successful with that and I have also done Weight Watchers lost weight, but I don't stick to it and that is the BIG PROBLEM. 

So with what I do know, I am now looking into the Paleo Diet. A very sweet friend of mine, Rachelle, had amazing success with it and the more I read about it, the more it sounds like me! I am still doing a little more research and making sure that it's something that I can sustain but with all the support I get from my Facebook groups, friends and's looking like a great choice!

4. Drink more water....GULP!
Seriously,  I am more of a coffee and diet coke kinda girl but I also know that when I do drink does kinda sorta do all the things that people always rave about. My way around this, while I get use to it, is to flavor that H2O! I have been on Pinterest and already have several yummy looking choices and that makes me a happy girl! All I need now is a GIGANTIC water bottle (and I am sure that it would help if it were really cute)...which is on my list with my tops for running...sweet!!

Now, it's your turn! 
Take a look at awesome post by my dear friend Kelley over at Blog Hoppin and join in the fun! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Resolution with Blog Hoppin'- Crafting and Creating

I am linking up with my lovely blogging friend Cindy over at Blog Hoppin' to share my resolutions on crafting and creating! I'll be honest. I am not crafty. I really want to be but once I get started my OCD kicks in and I can't ever seem to get it right. I tweak, adjust, add and subtract and in the's not quite what I envisioned in my head. But....I am going to start small and remember that it doesn't have to be more about the process and the purpose. So with that in mind, this is going to be my first project:
I saw this by Tara of Fourth Grade Frolics (she also has a super cute Made It series if you haven't check out her blog). I have the letters to do my daughter's name and would love to make these for my classroom. The best part is that I can paint all the edges to cover all my little mistakes. Woohoo! 

As for creating, this is where my students and you come in. I always create for Teachers pay Teachers with my students in mind. My resources are always something that I use with my students and in my classroom and I share them on TpT with the hopes that it will help another teacher out as well. I am setting a small goal for myself to create one new product a month. Just one but if more  happen than  awesome! I also want to focus more on my freebies so with all this creating, I am going to be a busy bee!

What are you planning to craft or create? I'd love to find out so make sure to link up at Blog Hoppin' and leave me a comment! 
Make sure you check back tomorrow! I'll be sharing my fitness goals and they are HUGE!! 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolution with Blog Hoppin': Fun and Family

Happy 2014! It hard to believe that 2013 is wrapped up and in the past and we start today with a fresh new outlook. I love this time of year because it forces us to think about our lives and how we want to view the world and the actions we want to take to make each year a memorable year.

This year is one that will bring about a lot of change. My beautiful daughter is in fifth grade and I know that this spring will simply fly by and before I know it she will be in middle school. Middle did that happen so quickly! Where has the time gone? 

So one of my resolutions for this year is to spend time with her. Not just doing homework or taking her to dance, but really spend time with her. I would love to spend time taking her to dinner or painting or anything that her heart desires. It had to happen because if these last ten years have flown by the. I know I will blink and I will be sending her off to college....sniff, sniff! 

I say this every year and every year I fall in the trap....I say that I want to spend less time thinking about school, more time with family. I am sure that you have been there too. It is definitely a conscious effort to make it happen but I am beyond determined to put my family first and rest assured that everything else will get done. 

So, now it's your turn. Go check out the New Year's Resolution linky that we have going on at Blog Hoppin'! My sweet friend Rachel wrote an awesome post that you won't want to miss and we can't wait for you to share your resolutions for the new year!