Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Teacher Week- Where I teach Wednesday

I'm back! Did you see my big debut?!?
In case you missed it, I wrote yesterday's post- Techy Tip Tuesday! 
I am so super excited and I hope that you will follow Blog Hoppin' as well!
Today is Where I Teach Wednesday and I thought this would be a perfect time for me to give  you all an update on the state of my classroom.
Last Sunday, my family and I made a few changes to my classroom. 
So here are a few more photos of my's still a work in process but looking much better!

Now, you are probably wondering why my walls are so bare...
Last year, I started thinking about how precious my wall space is and how I could better use it to support student learning. The more I thought about it the more I knew that if I choose what goes on the walls, the students are less likely to use it when working independently.  It was really that simple. I decided that I would fill my walls with my students rather than for them. There will be a few more things that will go up before the first day of school (alphabet, word wall, schedule and job chart) but the rest will be placed on the walls as I teach it. Just like with anchor charts, the students understand and interact with everything that "decorates" our room. 
I hope that you enjoy the pics and there will be more to come as it gets closer to Meet the Teacher on Friday! I can't wait to meet my new babies!!

Need a few AWESOME ideas for our classroom? 
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Nikki Jones said...

Is that a hot pink wall or red? Either way it is awesome. Thanks for sharing your classroom. I love the bright boarder around the bulletins too. Black and bright colors look so great together. I found your blog through the Blog Hop and I'm your newest follower.

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Ms. Morgart said...

Hi Nikki!
When our school was renovated a few years ago, each grade was painted in a different classic color. Our pod is red but I would have LOVED a hot pink wall!!! ;)

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