Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bright Ideas Blog Hop- Quick and Easy Dry Erase

Whew! It has been CRAZY these last couple of weeks with our second ground of state testing coming up next week! I am so happy to take a break from all the madness to share with you another one of my little tricks of the trade and join the lovely bloggers in the Bright Ideas Link Up this month!

I absolutely love to see my students demonstrate their thinking while we are working in class. It is such a powerful tool and it allows me to check in and see what their understanding of the concept is at different moments of learning. With that being said, my kiddos write on their desks all the time! But there are times when I want them to move freely, group with students that are not at their table or maybe just work independently...but away from their desks.  

So my kiddos and I love to use this super easy and quick way to have an instant dry erase surface. 

Here is what you need: Clear View Binder (I bought mine at the Dollar General...happy dance!), dry erase markers and white paper.

The beauty of this little trick is that it is so versatile. All you have to do is out the paper into the clear sleeve on the cover and then write away! 

It has been such a easy way to give students another writing surface. The best part is that you can out anything from passages that students can use to provide text evidence to math word problems! It works great in stations and best of all, the kiddos have a writing space when they are doing their homework. That alone won me some major cool points with my fourth graders!

Don't you just love it?

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Jayne Gammons said...

Great tip! Thanks for sharing, Jayne
Smart Kids

Kelly said...

This is such a great idea! We use interactive math journals, and I think next year, instead of just spiral bound notebooks, I can do this. Love! Thanks :)

First Grade Fairytales

Unknown said...

Hey Lynda, so cool! My Bright Idea was paperless skill and drill- similar concept!! Great minds think alike!!
Kathleen from Not So Wimpy Resources,LLC

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Monica Parsons, NC Teacher Chick

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Monica Parsons, NC Teacher Chick

Avast 2020 said...

this is' an amazing 'article . i wish you're fun with my comment,maybe this blog will be a big blog someday i hope.thank you .

Penelope's Portfolio - Social Skills said...

Cool tip. Thanks for sharing. I'm a very new education blogger. I followed you on bloglovin and on Pinterest too. I loved that you said you are a momma to a sweetheart that is the light of your life on pinterest. So sweet. And I completely relate, (I am a momma too).

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