Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July...(and a freebie for spelling)

Happy 4th of July to everyone of my sweet friends out in the blogging word! I hope that you are having a fabulous time celebrating with food, friends and family! 

As a true bloggie, I just couldn't help myself to want to join in on the linky party at Teaching Blog Addict! There are some fabulous ideas and I wanted to share my version of rainbow words. Now, I have been using this for the last couple years but now that I am going to second grade, I will have to tweak these a little (our second graders start with 15 words and develop to twenty words towards the end of the year). This is meant to be copied front to back and can be used on any spelling list you may have :)

If you haven't heard of rainbow words, the kiddos just love them! I have come to learn that crayons or colored pencils work best. The kiddos write each word (with a color of their choice) and then continue to trace over it with the other colors chosen. So when they are done, their words kinda do like a rainbow! It makes spelling practice fun, colorful and independent......gotta love it!


Katie said...

I love your blog! Would you mind posting your Supply Checklist for us? I would love to use it in the fall with my 5th graders....

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Awesome!! Thanks!
First Grade Blue SKies

The Lesson Plan Diva- A 1st grade blog said...

Thanks for sharing!

Lesson Plan Diva

Mel D said...

Thanks so much for sharing this freebie! I can't wait to use this next year!
Stop by & check out my 200 follower giveaway!
Peace, Mel D
Oh the Places We’ll Go

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