Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Top 10 Things About Me

 I love a good linky party and had to join in on the Top Ten List at Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens . So, here is a little about me:

Top Ten Things to Know About Ms. Morgart

1. I experienced love at first sight when I saw my beautiful daughter for the first time. 
 My greatest reward in  life is being her mother.

2.I have the most wonderful, supportive, amazing family ever!! 

3. I have the sweetest 10 year old puppy in the world!

4. I have been working with children for 16 years. I am 34 and began teaching pre-k in college.

5. I love cooking homemade Puerto Rican food.

6. I am an avid reader.

7. I have natural curly hair (which I have learned to love the older that I get)

8. I love coffee and diet coke....I will have one or the other at all times ;)

9. I love my ipod, kindle, laptop....anything that has to do with technology. 

10. I am addicted to fonts, clip art and blogging!

So much fun! Make sure to stop by and/ or become a follower! I will be posting a couple of updates that I think that you will enjoy! :)


Mrs. Owens said...

Thanks for linking up! So much fun getting to know everyone!

Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

Mel D said...

I also love my iphone, laptop...but I am a Diet Dr. Pepper fan...TOTALLY ADDICTED!
Stop by my blog, follow me & find out about my 200 follower giveaway :o)
Peace, Mel D
Oh the Places We’ll Go

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