Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pirate's Gold! Literacy and Math Stations

Happy Saturday!!

  I wanted to post this a few days ago but I kept thinking of things to add to it :). My little spring break project is finally ready and posted to TpT.

I had to make myself stop....but know that when I make a few more little things for this unit (and I will...ha!) I will post them here for you to use. Please take a look....I really hope that everyone likes it!!

Here are just few of the activities you will find:

(There are many sets of cards for the different skills such as sight words, contraction, compund words and abc order.)



Gladys said...

I love it! I'm going to have to buy it soon! You did an AWESOME job!

Once Upon a Time in First Grade

P.S. Awww! I just saw my little blog button on your sidebar...thanks for showing me your bloggie love! {HUGS}

Melissa said...

Hard work pays off- it looks great! I can't wait to see what else you come up with=)
F is For First Grade

Ali said...

Wow!!!! Lynda, this unit is incredible! You are so inspiring! I really like the idea of printing things on scrapbook paper (colored) so I can organize it know that I'm challenged in that area! I can't wait to use it in our classrooms. The kiddos will be very busy in Daily 5 stations with this work and it's our theme! Thank you for your hard work. You're the BEST teamleader!!

Ms.M said...

I wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful unit. I used it these two past weeks and my students loved it. I posted a bit about it on my blog today and gave you a shout out. :)

Thank you for being so generous and kind.

Ms. M
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