Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Farewell to Our Classroom Elf!

Did you have a little visitor from the North Pole?
My students absolutely loved their elf!
 Her name is Jingle Belle and can I just tell you that she became a HUGE part of our everyday routine has we headed into the holidays. The kiddos were so excited to come in and see where in the world she had landed and receive messages from her about the holiday events in the North Pole.
My students wrote about her (on their own- yay!) any chance they had and LOVED to talk to her! Needless to say there were a few little teary eyes as we said goodbye for the last time and wished our beloved elf a safe trip with Santa.
It was so sweet and I just couldn't shake the feeling that when we arrive in January the kiddos are going to ask whether I have heard from Jingle Belle.
So I created this resource with my students in mind (as always!)

This is a resource that has a Parts of  a Letter Anchor Chart and several different writing pages to accomodated all levels of writers as they write darling letters to their elf!
Here is a cute little freebie from my resource! All you have to do is click on the picture...

I think my students (and your) will have a great time writing to their magical little friends and I am sure that I will have so much fun reading their sweet little letters!


Liz said...

That's a cute idea to write a farewell letter to the elf. I had one student who talked about her elf until APRIL. She loved her elf!!

susanlulu said...

Can you be followed by e-mail? I didn't see it. Thanks for the letter. Should the word "Joey" be directly under the letter "S" in Sincerely, or have I been teaching it wrong?

Ms. Morgart said...

Thanks for noticing that! I will make the change today! I am also working on getting everything to be set up so that you can follow by email as well. Hopefully today as well!

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