Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs with Blog Hoppin'

Today for Teacher Week at Blog Hoppin, we are talking about our homes away from home
....our classrooms!
 Now, my classroom is definitely a work in progress and with less than a week before we go back for our staff development week, I am trying to steal the last few minutes of Summer to relax. With that being said, I know that I will be at school again by the end of the week to add a few more details to my room.

Ok...maybe A LOT more details in my room! 

Here is my small group area. This will be home base for all my guided reading and math lessons. I have one book shelf there now and as we all know, I am going to need more. On those shelves will be all my goodies that I use to teach and if you can imagine it...the white walls will have black material to create bulletin boards. Can't you see it in your mind? LOL...
This is my desk. I have debated whether to keep my desk. For now, it's here but if I need the room, that little bad boy is going in storage and my guided group area will become my desk. The bulletin board will be black as well and I can't wait to get some colorful tape on the white board to make a section for homework, objectives and classroom incentives. The Cuteness Fairy hasn't arrived in my classroom just yet!
I think this is going to be the kiddos favorite area. I have these shelves that have been with me FOR.EVER. When I moved a couple of years ago (to second grade), my sisters had the AWESOME idea of turning them on their sides to create benches for the kiddos! Now, this room is smaller than my last room, so I had to be a little more creative about how to place the shelves. This area still needs a cute little rug and some pillows, but when it's done, it will be so inviting to my little big kids!

I know. Not so pretty right now....but I can't wait until it's finished! Black and bright is the theme I am going with again (which is inspired by my dear bloggy friend Kristin of Ladybug Teacherfiles)!
I'll be updating this sweet little post as the week goes by and I spend more time in my room!
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Ms. Wu Teaches said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! My classroom is also still a work in progress and to be honest, I was kind of scared to post pictures since it is still quite a mess! I guess we'll see what happens after I'm done working in it today! :)

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