Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Organizing for Instruction with Blog Hoppin'

This has been such a great week and it just keeps getting better! I am abolutely loving all the amazing the ideas that are being shared by so many fabulous teachers and the great job my sweet friends are doing on their posts on Blog Hoppin! I am blessed to be able to write and collaborate with such inspring bloggers and teachers!

Organization looks a little different for everyone. This year, since it will be my first year in fourth grade, I am excited about having a chance to start from scratch with an orgaizational system thatworks  for me. This is what I have planned:
I bought colorful file folders and labels.
That's it., I'm kidding! The folders are all color coordinated to the subjects I teach. I am self contained this year so I will be teaching al subjects...Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies...just another reason to start with a plan for organizing all these resources!
So, here is the real plan.
1. I will have two ways to organize my files. By week and by subject/standard.
2. Each subject will have a different color file folder while my weekly folders will all be one color.
3. The weekly folders will have 2 labels. One for the week of instruction (week one,week two....) and another label that will be on the front with special events (First week of school, Labor Day, Halloween...).
 4. The subject/standard folders will also have two labels. One for the subject and standard name. Here in Texas we use the TEKS, so that label will be named "Math- TEKS 4.6 ABC). The other label will be large and actually give the full definition of the TEK so that when I look at the name I can remember what the definition of that TEK.
As I prepare for the week,  I will also prepare my folders for that week's instruction. That way when I make copies, all I have to do is slip my extras in the folder and TAH DAH...everything is where is should be and no random little stacks hanging around my room! 

Now, I am a super visual person and need pictures...
those are coming soon! 

I also like to know that someone just might have created a resource that I could use...
it's also coming soon!

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Ruby said...

Nicely done! It's fun to see that you have things under your control, Lynda! And what can I say, I think that this technique might work just fine for you. It's common to hear of people assigning specific colors to each of the subjects they teach, or by grade, or whatever else it is they deem appropriate, but they still end up stacked with papers. I do hope you stick to these plans to save yourself from that. Best of luck!
Ruby @ Williams Data Management

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