Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transitions Linky Party at Little Miss Kindergarten

Transitions can be the trickiest of the day and a clever teacher can definitely use this time to squeeze every last educational moment of the day.

Transitions, especially with the little ones, has to be modeled and practiced. Teaching them exactly what you want for them to do and showing them what it looks like (whether in pictures, acting it out or watching examples and non-examples) are essential to having successful and meaningful transitions. Once students have had several opportunities to practice the procedure is when the real fun begins!

Fun and educational ways to use transitions:
  • "I am thinking of"....This is a game that I play with my students where I make the statement I am thinking of and give clues to a concept that I am targeting for review. For example, I might say "I am thinking of a word that ends with a ch sound. This is where we go before recess." or " I am thinking of a way to make 6"
  • Music Wand: When I went to the Debbie Diller Summer Institute last Summer, I was introduced to this little beauty. It is one of my favorite ways to transition and I use it as a subtle reminder to clean up and change station. When it is time for the students to clean up, I chime the wand (slowly) 4 times. When it is time to switch, I chime the wand twice and the students begin their next rotation.
  • 1,2,3 Still Statue: The kiddos really like this one! As we are transition from one activity to another, I call out in a quiet voice..1,2,3 Still Statue! Students pretend to be the most interesting statue in the room (posing in all sorts of silly positions). I give my directions while they are frozen and when I have finished giving my directions, the kiddos unfreeze and make their way to where they need to be for the next lesson.
  • Word Wall Reading: As students are quietly moving to their destination or waiting for supplies, I start by saying a letter of the alphabet that is found on our word wall and begin reading the word wall words with the students from that point. Sometimes we read to the end of the alphabet and sometimes we find our way back to our starting point.
  • Power Points and Flip Charts: I have also done this with a PowerPoint and had sight words, our pictures for phonetic patterns, math facts and several reviews of concepts that we have been studying.
  • Music: My kiddos love to dance! They would move at record pace between lessons whenever the CD or IPod was turned on.They want to make sure to finish up quickly to have lots of time to dance, dance, dance!
I am also bringing in a few new strategies that I think are going to be so much fun for the kiddos.....( and some must sees as well)

(Oh my word !! This is soooooo cute and super fun!!)


Mrs. Coe said...

I am sure doing some of these!

Karen Stamp said...

I LOVED both of these too!! SO CUTE!
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Thanks for the shout out!!!! Love your blog!

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